Integar memory game


Integers are whole numbers that may be positive or negative. Zero is also considered an integer. For example 1,0,-5 are examples of integers. Introducing integers and their usage to students is a relatively new concept. They see these numbers they have been using in a different and new way. Memorizing the concept of integers is easy but it needs practice as well. To make students easily understand, games are here for practice with which they can play and learn. Basic games on integers involve the recognition of integers whether positive or negative. Students are displayed numbers on their screen or App and they have to recognize whether it's positive or negative. Some games are designed to add different integers like 2+8. Such addition is performed by students using simple concepts. The same is the case with subtraction games involving integers like -2+8. Such concepts requires them to understand the difference between negative and positive number line of integers. Some games include using only negative integers; this is a very important concept for students to learn how to deal with. They gain skills related to the concept of negative summations and perform these on paper using tally marks or counting aids. Have fun playing this integers memory game.