Division memory games

Division no remainders

Division is an important computational process that students start learning at a very early stage. They start by learning the division of numbers then the concept is applied to other real life scenarios. However, division is sometimes boring and hard to understand; hence students usually think it is difficult at the start. From division of two simple numbers to the division of algebraic polynomials, processes of division are different and may be simpler than addition and subtraction. To get students familiar with the division process, several games have been designed to make them master the topic. The purpose of these games is to make them practice repeatedly so that they grasp and memorize the skill which will help them later on. Some games ask kids to divide numbers using conventional quotient dividend rules. Some make them solve problems using the number table. Other games involve making them divide certain items in a set of odd or even numbers, fruits, vegetables and other items. By practicing with these simple and interestingly designed games, students learn the skill easily while playing. Practicing makes them memorize the concepts and build a base for the future. Most of the games are designed for use either on mobile devices or computers.