Addition of single digit memory game

Addition single digits

Games play a very important part in children by making them feel fresh and active. These days academic activities have been blended with games for the facilitation of learning. These games engage students with math content and aid them to learn new skills and concepts while playing. Learning mathematics is the main goal and most of the games are based on mathematics notions. Math games are designed on several topics however in this case, the focus is of addition one digit numbers. Games also help to increase the memory quotient of students especially when they are solving maths with them. Solving while playing helps to memorize math concepts. This game is designed for students at the early stages of learning addition. One place numbers range from 0 to 9 and have only the unit place in them. Adding such numbers introduces basic addition to students. Using tally mark addition, students mark the tally counts of both numbers and count total tally marks to produce the results. Many instructors engage students on a piece of paper, some use a projection screen to make them play and some have mobile apps for students to grasp the concept.