Addition of one memory game

Addition of one

Kids at their early school are quite new to learning in a structured environment. Usually, they are involved in several activities that get them indulged in fun and create their interest in learning alongside. When mathematics as a subject starts, it needs special attention. Kids start their learning from counting numbers. Then they are familiarized with the addition process. However, they are made comfortable with the process using a step by step approach. Adding of one memory game is a very basic game designed for young learners to grasp the concept of addition step by step. Here students are given a number suppose 1 and they are asked to add one to it. Kids recall their concept of counting and predict the next number. They also answer the same question using tally marks and adding the number with one using tally mark counting. The game is presented to students on paper or using a projection medium. Nowadays several mobile apps have been designed for this. Practicing with this game helps kids to memorize basic counting and addition easily and interestingly. It helps them build a memory on addition concepts and on later stages they can answer such questions quickly and efficiently.