Addition of 3 digit memory game

Addition of three numbers

Mathematics is a science of numbers. Learning to play and compute with numbers is also an art. It needs hard work by a learner to grasp the concepts and practice them. Students at their early stages are introduced to a multitude of concepts. Students need to review and grasp these concepts since they are indispensable at later stages. Memory plays a vital role in this process which helps students to recall concepts and solve problems easily. Several games have been designed by our team of instructors to boost the memory of students. Practicing with such games gives students a strong base. One of such games is the addition of 3 place numbers memory game. The numbers range from 100-999. Adding them needs the concept of counting, unit, tens, and hundred places and basic addition. Also included are the concepts of sums and regrouping. Usually, students write both the numbers besides format and the numbers in the same place i.e. unit part with unit part, tens part with tens part and so on. The resulting number is written as the sum if it is less than 10 otherwise it is taken as carrying and added to the next number to the left. Several games are now played online as well which students will enjoy a lot and learn addition easily.