Adding multiple of 10 memory game

Adding multiples of 10

Mathematics as a field is the basics of every science. Kids are introduced to mathematics from the kindergarten level. While learning mathematics and its concepts, there is another need, which is to memorize numbers, concepts and procedures for mathematical operations later on. Building memory is very important especially for mathematics and this is needed at all levels of education from lower to higher grades. Kids at lower levels are made to learn and grasp concepts and as well are trained to memorize them. The memory is also trained using games that are engaging and designed to build math skills seamlessly. Kids are made to repeat playing these games, again and again until the underlying notion is fully understood. One of such games is that which involves adding multiples of ten. Since ten and its multiples like twenty, thirty and so on are easy to learn, their addition is also easy since it involves only adding the units and tens parts and placing a zero at the end. Students well versed with counting and addition of small numbers will enjoy this game and perform better. For example to add 10 and 30, the student just needs to add 1+3 using the basic concept of addition learned through simpler games seen earlier. In the end, the student will add a zero at the end of the addition solution e.g. 1+3=4 is not too different from 10 + 30 which will make it 40 apart from the zero at the end.