Math Games for Kindergarten

Mathematical terms, shapes of objects and numbers that kids learn at the pre-kindergarten level are reinforced at kindergarten. At the kindergarten stage, kids are given opportunities through enjoyable fun games to have more practice on these concepts. At this grade, the art of counting numbers and how to use them is key. In kindergarten, children begin learning basic calculations. They learn about the names of different shapes, counting higher numbers, and how to tell time. Kids are provided with different ways to concretise their concept of counting. They are given tasks where they learn to count from various charts, sets, numbers and objects. Kids also have the concept of everyday objects polished at this stage since they have the games that encourage them to identify objects, their shapes and comparisons with other objects. Some interesting math games at this stage are

Counting the numbers

Using various techniques, counting the numbers from 1 to 100 and naming them.

Positions and symmetry

Knowledge of positions and basic symmetry.

Figures and shapes

Describing the figures and shapes with their characteristics like the number of corners, size, weight, etc.


Addition of numbers up to 10.


Subtraction concepts up to 10.

Grouping items

Grouping items in a certain set of numbers, e.g. a group of 3 glasses.