Subtraction up to 20 jungle board game

Subtraction up to 20

There are several math games out there that may either be played on a whiteboard or on a paper or could be played with the various tools/toys that are found around the house. The most fascinating learning techniques are generally those which the youngsters come to learn while simultaneously playing with their toys and these consistently wind up being effective with regards to math and checking numbers. The Jungle board game is fun and with regards to subtraction, children will review under different scenarios. Subtraction up to twenty is a basic exercise in which children can practice with objects or tally marks. In this game, children solve a problem and choose the correct answer among a set of choices. In some cases children will solve and borrow across places and in others not. The jungle board game is quite fun and children will love using this game to review subtraction up to 20. This game will work as a classroom game or homeschool revision game on subtraction. Click on the start button to begin and on the lookout for instructions on the start screen.