Subtraction 3 Digit Number jungle board game

Subtraction 3 Digit Number

Studies show that constant revision is the most significant ingredient needed in creating solid math abilities at lower levels. In this game, students learn how to subtract a large number and this will entail borrowing across places (although not all the time). Subtraction of three digit numbers will be similar to subtracting single digit numbers in cases where children are not required to carry numbers or borrow across places. However, it is a bit more complex if students have to borrow across places and fill up numbers that are insufficient. Given the complexity of this level, we decided to create an exciting fun game using a board game jungle theme. Students are drawn by this game and will alongside playing review their subtraction skills. This game will prepare children for any math test on the topic and give students feedback in real life. The game is free and can be taken several times until there is total mastery. This game is for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade children.