Roman Numerals jungle board game

Roman Numerals

To help your youngsters with learning Roman numerals in a fun and interesting manner, we structured and made our one of a kind Jungle Board games. In the first place, we examined roman numerals and their relationship with Arabic numerals (numbers we use today). At that point, when we were secure with numerals up to 100,000, we planned and made our Roman Numeral games. Since we have played and tested our games, we are prepared to take them to different classes in the school to show other youngsters their roman numerals in a more fun and engaging manner. This game is simple to play yet very interesting. It has two main levels, the starting phase where students see the instructions on how to play and the game propper where students start answering questions and selecting the correct answer. This game is very engaging and fun; teachers will love it for their classroom extra practice while parents will find it easy to use in homeschooling kids. Math game for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.