Prime and Composite Numbers jungle board game

Prime and Composite Numbers

Jungle Board games are one of the most frequently used resources in homeschooling, especially for maths. There are so many games that can be used to teach kids important skills including reading and spelling. In this game students will use the jungle board game to learn about prime and composite numbers. A prime number is a number that has two factors, one and itself. A composite number has more than one factor. Discover all the prime numbers on the hundreds board by concealing all the non-prime numbers. The number 1 is certainly not a prime, so conceal it. The number 2 is prime, so leave it unshaded yet conceal its products. The number 3 is prime, so leave it unshaded yet conceal its products. Do something very similar for the numbers 5 and 7. Now the unshaded numbers are on the whole the prime numbers somewhere in the range of 1 and 100. Having made the assumptions above, simply hit the start button to start playing. Click on the problem and choose the correct answer among the set of choices. This game can be played both by students in school or by parents at home. Remember our games are all free.