Multiply by Five Digits jungle board game

Multiply by Five Digits

Multiplication is a very simple concept. However, if asked to multiply by five digits, the rules are a bit different. Up to this point, most children have learned how to multiply small numbers and find the product usually from 1 to 10. It is pretty straight forward and counting aids and tally marks may be useful. With larger numbers, the same principles apply but for the fact that students will have to carry numbers across different places. Another skill that comes in handy is the fact that students will add numbers after multiplying. The current exercise is blended into a jungle board game on how to multiply by five digits. Being great at mental math will help to facilitate solving problems in this game. The goal is to review multiplying large numbers until the skill is fully understood. With the jungle themed game, parents and teachers will easily get the excitement they are in search of. Children love playing games while learning and this will help to do just that.