Multiplication by Ten jungle board game

Multiplication by Ten

For each right answer, you will have the option to roll the dice in the bucket and advance on the board game. Would you be able to arrive before your competitors? Your child will love reviewing their math skills with this fun and engaging game. The Jungle board game is aligned with math Common Core State Standards. Research has revealed that practice is the most significant component in improving strong math skills. That is what our goal in this game is. Multiplication means finding the product of two numbers and in this game, the goal is to multiply by ten and find the product. The beauty about multiplying by ten is the simplicity of the concept once it is understood. The rule is simple, when multiplying by ten, add a zero to the number being multiplied and bingo ! you got your answer right. For example, 2 x 10 = 20. Notice that it is the two with a zero added to it. With this notion in mind, go into this game confident to solve all problems correctly. Fun game for homeschooling and for the classroom all free.