Dinosaur games

Spelling numbers

At this point it is assumed that children have learned how to count from one to ten, from ten to twenty and up to one hundred. This game takes it to the next level, which is how to spell these numbers. Spelling numbers is a fun activity depending on how it is taught. Teachers approach it differently; some teachers will teach this skill through tracing activities on worksheets while others will rely more on videos. In the current case, we focus on teaching spellings up to 20 using the dino hunting game. This game is so much fun captured through the medium of a board game online that features several challenges to overcome. The main challenges (as the name of the game suggests) are the dinosaurs while the main objective is to arrive at a final destination unhurt. The final destination here is a cave where the boy is running to for safety. Keep rolling the dice and when questions pop up, answer them correctly and choose the correct answer. In the end, the final score will reflect your knowledge of number spellings. This game can be used to teach children in preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grades.