Multiplication crocodile game


"Mom, they just keep on getting higher and higher!” Ever felt like your child needs to learn multiplication without the pressure? Then, the Croc game on Multiplication is the right one for you. Together with the Croco duo, Barry, and Sharie, all kids will surely have a blast learning multiplication! Remember the coin drop game all adults loved as kids? This Croc game on Multiplication has a better and more exciting take on that! With each crocodile holding the value of a multipliable number, as well as Barry and Sharie’s assistance, kids who are just starting to learn their multiplication will surely find this a breeze. As they drop each crocodile one on top of another, they find themselves having to solve the problem before moving onto the next level. With hundreds of levels left and a new story for each level, boredom is sure to be chased away in favor of learning!