Spelling Numbers car race game

Spelling numbers

"Mom, how do you spell 15?" Listen well, because car driving games on spelling numbers will teach kids how to write from one to twenty! Spelling and writing numbers words can be hard as kids struggle to form the right words after being given a number.But, no worries though. The racing game will help your child get to the finish line one number at a time. Can you imagine where your child might apply this skill? Why, at the bank of course, when they’re totaling their coins! As a pre-requisite to counting money, kids need to master how to spell numbers. You may want to try this e-learning sessiondaily until your kids got that "Aha!" moment. The more kids hear these numbers and get to spell the words,the more they will master writing numbers. And, the most important thing to get your child to spell the words right? Make it fun!