Order of operations car race game

Order of operations

Telling kids to sit down with a piece of paper and solving a math problem over and over again can be boring for them. When kids see brackets, parenthesis, and separate equations, it’ll easily complicate them on how to solve the equation. Besides, when computing without a basis for operations, students get varies results. So, how to make equations more orderly? Follow your PEMDAS! PEMDAS is short for parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. And, it’ easy to recall! Let’s say you got the equation of 9–5+2. Without PEMDAS, the answer will be 6, but with following the orderly rule, the answer will be 2. Which do you think is the right answer? Kids who have used math games proved to have improved test scores and heightened interest in learning math. The benefits of using games to supplement learning do not end with childhood. As they grow up, they can reap the same benefits from incorporating fun and learning into their lives.