Fractions to Decimals car race game

Convert fractions to decimals

Add excitement to your next math class by introducing car driving games on fractions to decimals! In themselves, fractions and decimals are challenging concepts. Instead of merely presenting their rules to your students, why not use fun games during the study? While typical textbooks do show visual models and a few examples, these are not enough. Converting fractions to decimals is easy as 1-2-3! Simply divide the numerator with its denominator and you get its fraction equivalent. So, what do you get with ¼? That’s right, it’s 0.25! What about 1/8, 2/3, 0r 5/7? Well, you get to know the answers once you play our games! Let your students get plenty of hands-on experiences with fractions and decimals. Cheer your students as they overcome simple challenges in these games. Who would have thought that converting fractions to decimals would be this fun? We do! That is why we have these games for you.