Compare fractions car race game

Compare fractions

Turn fear into fun with these car driving games on compare fractions! How to tell whether 4/20 is greater than 18/24? You reduce the fractions to its lowest form! With this, comparing makes a lot easier. So, 4/20 can be reduced to 1/5, and 18/24 can be lowered to ¾. Which is bigger? Well, we tell you that 1/5 is less than ¾ since the latter nearly fills the whole. Many children fear fractions because they do not understand how the operations within their work. They are confused that basic arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction look different when used on fractions. Sometimes, fear comes from something that we do not see or cannot imagine. With these games, fractions are no longer a stumbling block for kids to learn and enjoy mathematics. This is because they can visualize how fractions work. They learn to compare fractions whether these are greater than, less than, or equal to one another.