Area of squares and triangles car race game

Area of rectangle and square

Hello, kids! What is the area of the given space provided? To know that answer, play our car driving game on Area of Squares and Triangles to calculate the area of the shapeswe find everyday.Today’s game will introduce children to the world of squares and triangles. When finding the area of the square and rectangle, simply measure its base and height. For instance, if we have a perfect square of 4cm base, it’s given that its height is also 4cm, which leads us to 16cm2. For rectangles, a base of 6cm and a height of 8cm will give us the equation 6cm x 8cm = 48cm2. To find the area for right triangles, it’s simply ½ x base x height. For the examples above, we have ½ x 6cm x 8 cm = 24cm2. For triangles with different angles, we use the formula ½ x a x b x sin c.