Area of circle car race game

Area of a Circle

Don’t let your child drive in circles and confusion when playing our car driving games on Area of Circle! In this game, we find the radius of the circles given in the equation. “What’s a radius again?” you ask. A radius is a distance from the center of a circle to its edge. To solve the radius, we follow this equation: πr2. This means we need to square the given radius before multiplying it with the value of pi (π= 3.14…). When we ‘square’ a number, we multiply it again with itself. So, if the game asks what the area of the circle for a radius of 3cm, you say, (3cm x3cm) x 3.14 = 28.26cm2. Dive into our equations and solve the area of the circle before you get to the finishing line. Make due practices with your kids everyday until they can solve it easily on their own!