Addition of fractions car race game

Addition of fractions with common denominators

Is your child under friction when adding fraction equations? Trust us, you’re not the only one. But, car driving games on add fractions will steer them clear from obstacles along the way! When adding fractions of the same denominator, simply add the numerator, copy the denominator, and reduce the fraction to its simplified terms. When the game asks 1/14 + 3/14, you say, “4/14!” However, the sum needs to be simplified to its lowest term. Help your child find its common divisible. And, what’s that? It’s 2! Divide 2/14 by 2/2, and you get the lowest number as 2/7! Easy, no? Now, keep playing the game, let your child master the basic concepts of adding fractions before moving up to the next level. With simple 13 equations to the finish line, battle your competitors to snag the winning streak!