Addition of doubles car race game

Addition of doubles

Fastener your straps and get ready to race ahead with these car driving games on addition of doubles! Math does not need to be boring. Instead, you can enhance your child's or students’ math knowledge and skills through games. Watch them as they happily race ahead with each question that they answer correctly. So, what will you get when you add the same number again? When 5 + 5 becomes 10, and 2 + 2 becomes 4, you see the wonder in a child’s eyes when they double the digits up. This is an awesome and critical basis for kids when they learn multiplication by twos! What’s more, they are given plenty of practice to level up their math skills through exciting, challenging, and fun games that are appropriate for their ages. They become less anxious about math. This is such a cool way to enhance their learning while having fun! Get them started today.