Subtraction of 2 digits basketball game

Subtraction of two digit numbers

After learning the basics of subtraction, it is now time for kids to take on some two-digit subtraction practice exercises! It will help them increase their knowledge of the operation as they transition to the subtraction of larger numbers. Teaching them for the first time how to “borrow” and “carry” would take much time, practice, effort, and patience. Of course, you cannot go for the traditional “using toys and sticks to demonstrate operations” trick as the numbers are getting larger, and you do not want them to be dependent on tangible things such as these for obvious reasons. Of course, they cannot bring 100 toys to school to answer mathematical questions involving subtraction. You can help them understand the concept better by introducing this online basketball game on two-digit subtraction. This game will surely help the kids learn how to subtract two digits easier and more efficiently!