Roman numerals basketball game

Roman numerals

Teaching kids about Roman Numerals can be fun and easy by playing a game! Since Roman Numerals is a numerical system wherein letters represent the numbers I, V, X, L, C, D, and M, you can ask them to memorize the numerical values of these letters first. Then, you can devise a game wherein the student will play the role of a spy who is trying to crack a secret code! But of course, instead of codes, you will ask them to decode the Roman Numerals on a piece of paper or formed using letter blocks and even scrabble pieces! You can even use an hourglass or a timer for more effect. Once they finish doing this, make them “advance to the next round” by making them answer and complete this online basketball game on Roman Numerals. Once they have completed the practice exercises, you can reward them with a hand-made ribbon along with a bar of chocolate for their efforts!