Convert Fractions to Decimals basketball game

Convert fractions to decimals

Fractions can be daunting and scary to some children, even adults.That is why they avoid mathematics. It is even worse when fractions turn into decimals or vice versa. But when you make the experience exciting, the apprehension lessons. You can achieve that with the online basketball game on convert fractions to decimals. The game allows you and your child to deal with fractions and decimals in a fun manner. After you introduce the concept of transforming fractions into decimals to your child, you can use the game to supplement their learning. With fractions flashed on the screen, you can guide your child on how to do the process. You can also spice things up by setting up a timer to time your child on how fast they can convert fractions. It can help enhance your child’s ability to solve under pressure, which is very common during timed exams. Not to mention that the game will also help you bond as you go through the “adventure” together.