Compare fractions basketball game

Compare fractions

Fractions represent portions of a whole, and sometimes one value is larger or smaller than the other. Children must know the difference between these portions. They must know when a part is smaller or larger when compared with each other. If children do not understand the fundamental difference, they will meet many mishaps in their daily lives as quite a lot in life need fractions. For example, baking and cooking food have fractions. How about budgeting expenses? How about portioning meals or rations? Allowances? There are fractions involved everywhere. But no worries, given the right momentum befitting their capabilities, children can quickly master the concept. That momentum can be games such as online basketball game on compare fractions where the learners can compare which fractions are larger or smaller in an interactive way. The game helps them to build their mastery as it engages them with questions that vary in difficulty. Learners will also gain confidence as they begin to develop their automaticity as they become more exposed to such exercises.